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Mind/Body Psychotherapy
Buddha - Mind/Body Psychotherapy

Mind/Body Psychotherapy encompasses several different approaches, drawing from both Eastern wisdom and Western research. Clients have the opportunity to explore feelings, learn new coping strategies, and problem-solve situations in a safe space that encourages mindfulness, creativity, and spirit.

Strategies include mindfulness meditation, Logosynthesis, breathing/grounding exercises, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, journaling, Qigong, play, art, and humour.

What to Expect:

Mind/Body Psychotherapy is based on the premise that healing and creating positive life change takes time, patience, and gentleness. As the therapeutic process is not linear, but a spiralling, dynamic process that weaves back and forth and up and down, every session must be grounded in the client's present moment experience so that healing and positive change can occur organically.

As each individual's healing path is different, I trust that, if given the space, a client can navigate their own healing journey. Following the client's lead, as well as my own clinical judgement, we journey together through each layer of the client's experience. During the initial session, I will assess the client's mental health history and educate the client about the therapeutic process. Together, the client and I develop treatment goals to guide them through their healing journey.

Mind/Body Psychotherapy for Adolescents aged 12 and up:

In the first session, I meet with the parents alone for the initial assessment, gathering information about the child, family, and mental health history. After the initial assessment, we will schedule individual psychotherapy sessions for the adolescent alone without the parents.

Important Note to Parents: If you are separated or divorced, informed consent must be obtained from both parents in order for psychological services to be provided to the child.

If you are interested in Mind/Body Psychotherapy, please contact me at angemackay@yahoo.co.uk or 902 430-4022 to book an appointment.

Download .PDF of Mind/Body Psychotherapy Consent/Intake Form


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