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Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy
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Inspired by the healing power of Goddess yoga, Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy is a mindfulness-based, body-centered, trauma-informed type of psychotherapy that combines active yoga poses, bellydance movements, mindful dialogue, breathing techniques, essential oils, Jungian psychotherapy techniques, guided meditation, mindful dialogue, and more, creating a rich form of psychotherapy specifically geared towards women.

Ideal for women who are struggling with a negative body image/disordered eating, healing from sexual abuse, are postpartum or are trying to conceive, sexual dysfunction, or those who to want to just connect with their sensuality, Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy is for women who like their psychotherapy uber spiritual and uber holistic.

Draw a Goddess Oracle Card to help you form an intention for your session. Calm your body/mind with high quality lavender essential oil, a scent empirically supported to help sooth your nervous system. Sink into the present moment with a guided meditation. Open the hips, pelvis, and chest through active yoga poses and bellydance movements, releasing both tension and trauma stored in your cells. Process emotional releases through mindful dialogue, Jungian psychotherapy techniques, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Learn new breathing techniques to relax the body and quiet the mind. Integrate the whole experience with a guided meditation.

No yoga, bellydance, or meditation experience required. Transwomen are more than welcome.

What to Expect:

During the initial assessment, a physical/mental health history is obtained and the different modalities used in Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy are explained in more detail. In subsequent sessions, clients choose whether they want a Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy session or a Mind/Body Psychotherapy session, depending on their needs at the time.

In Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy sessions, clients should wear comfortable clothing so that they can move with ease.

As Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy is trauma-informed, I work with clients where they are at and within their window of emotional tolerance. Depending on where a client is at, I may suggest that we have a number of Mind/Body Psychotherapy sessions before we dive into a Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy session, engaging in a more traditional form of talk therapy rather then moving into the body right away.


In Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy, yoga poses are restorative and supported. Most of the session is done with eyes closed, bringing the awareness within.

In Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy, yoga poses are active and engaged, with eyes open. Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy also includes a more spiritual element, with the inclusion of the Goddess Oracle Cards and the essential oil lavender.

Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy is for everyone, but Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy was specifically designed for women.

If you are interested in Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy, please contact me at angemackay@yahoo.co.uk or 902 430-4022 to book an appointment.

Download .PDF of Goddess Yoga Psychotherapy Consent Form


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