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Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy
Chakras - Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy

Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy is a unique blend of yoga therapy and psychotherapy, uniting together to heal body, mind, and spirit. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a form of yoga therapy that combines gentle, assisted yoga postures with guided meditation, and body/mind psychology. By using mindful dialogue, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy helps clients explore and bear witness to their present moment experience in yoga postures, allowing awareness to deepen, insights to arise, and old emotions to release.

Mind/Body Psychotherapy encompasses several different approaches, drawing from both Eastern wisdom and Western research. Clients have the opportunity to explore feelings, learn new coping strategies, and problem-solve situations in a safe space that encourages mindfulness, creativity, and spirit.

What to Expect:

During the initial assessment, a physical/mental health history is obtained and the different modalities used in Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy are explained in more detail. In subsequent sessions, clients choose whether they want a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session or a Mind/Body Psychotherapy session, depending on their needs at the time.

In Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions, clients wear comfortable, loose clothing and work one on one on a large yoga mat. No strength, flexibility, or yoga experience is necessary, as clients direct the session and are met wherever they are in the present moment. In Mind/Body Psychotherapy sessions, clients can sit comfortably and sip tea, if they so choose, as they explore their feelings and concerns in a more traditional form of psychotherapy.

If you are interested in Yoga Fusion Psychotherapy, please call (902) 429-3303 to book an appointment.

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